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My journey in winemaking started in 2004 when we moved from Sedona to a quaint 6.5-acre estate nestled along the banks of Oak Creek in Page Springs, Arizona. Little did I know the turn my life was about to take that has culminated in the birth of “Farmer John” Rachel.

 In 2007, our neighbor planted a half-acre of Merlot and each day I would watch their progress, curiously asking the caretakers about the planting and growing process, wondering if we could do the same thing. I decided to take a 3-day crash course at U.C. Davis and, upon returning, I immediately enrolled in the viticulture program at Yavapai College’s Southwest Wine Center.  When my neighbor learned of my desire to learn about grape growing, he made an offer I couldn’t refuse, if we tended the vineyard we could keep the harvest!  Every day after work and between classes, I would be out in the vineyard putting my newly-learned skills to practical use, watching the evolution of the vines and waiting for the day we could use our harvest to produce wine.

It was Da Beginning

2014 was our first vintage of Merlot and we named it Da Sharecropper.  Having the chance to test drive a vineyard before committing to our own was an absolute gift.  

In 2017, we decided to take the plunge and plant our own vineyard. Since we are located at the very end of Historic Dancing Apache Ranch road and (being a Chicago boy) I am a fan of the “Da Bears”, Da Vines Vineyard was born.

We keep it Da Vines...

Today you can find me after dark in our vineyard caring for Montepulciano, Tempranillo, Graciano, and Cabernet Sauvignon. 

In 2020 we submitted the 2014 Merlot to the San Francisco Chronicle wine tasting event.  We were awarded a silver medal for our first wine!  Today we share the fruits of our labor and hope you enjoy it!

Life on our Estate

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